Interim Builds

These are interim builds so that we can address issues and make changes as rapidly as possible. We'll be periodically rolling them into regular "point releases" (e.g. 20.0.2). Expect this page to change frequently as we make changes, but don't feel obliged to download the new versions unless you see something of particular interest.

Please send comments about these builds to

Current build: 20.0.1 (Build 3100)

Download from your Registrations page

Changes from v20.0.1 (Build 2716)

  • Report, sales, and backup files are now sent using a different method, which should be less affected by your security or firewall settings
  • Fixed a problem where Marked issues weren't always picked up by Finds.
  • Fixed a problem where Finds on Qty, which also stipulated to list only Qty in Stock, weren't being searched properly.
  • Quick Change will always default to having a selection
  • Sidekick will not allow any functions to be run if a database hasn't been chosen yet
  • The printer dialog will give an error if a printer hasn't been chosen when a report is run
  • Sidekick now shows the option to lock the notes from being changed when updating
  • IssueNum, Variation, and ItemType are removed from the list of importable fields (since they're part of the item number)
  • Reset the barcode font on various price label formats (4161, Dymo Address, etc.)
  • Files are now sent to the server using a different method, which should be less affected by your security or firewall settings
  • Reports saved to the web (Pro and Archive Editions) now have more descriptive under your reports list
  • Added a "Jump to Item" command to take you immediately to a specific item in a long list
  • Price and ID labels now correctly filter by qty in stock when choosing selected titles only
  • Print Reports handles the situation where no printer is installed, or the previous printer is no longer available
  • "+" and "-" keys will now increment and decrement the quantities of selected items
  • System.Data.Sqlite updated to latest version
  • Importing into Books is fixed
  • Slightly increased the default width of the "Has Media" column
  • Removed placeholder German translation resources
  • Marking/Unmarking are now options from the main grid's context menu.
  • Converting data from ComicBase 12 and earlier databases now handles more problem conditions (missing Versions table, etc.)
  • Updating and posting sales from databases with Nulls in the Notes or Storylines fields no longer causes an error.
  • Fixed the search for for Titles > Years published
  • Marking/Unmarking items now immediately updates the marked checkbox, if visible in the grid.
  • Sidekick now deals with nulls in the Notes field when posting items for sale.
  • Added special error messaging to let Parallels users with bad sharing Setups know what to do to fix them for use with ComicBase 2020
  • The "Allow International Shipping" setting now "sticks" in the Post Items to Atomic Avenue dialog
  • If you paste in a set of storylines or notes separated by carriage returns, they'll be automatically converted to being separated by semi-colons. Other text fields will automatically turn pasted carriage returns into commas
  • Fixed a problem setting cost on non-US systems which use a comma for the decimal separator
  • Importing now sets the price according to the imported condition if the price is not among the fields being imported
  • Importing now corrects for mal-formed dates in the imported data
  • Dates are now extensively corrected for formatting during a rebuild of item information to help prevent problems on non-US systems
  • Tweaked the code designed to prevent accidental scans of barcodes into non-barcode fields so that it doesn't prevent adding long numbers to custom fields
  • Fixed scanning of books with no number into the POS terminal
  • The registration screen now gives more detailed progress when doing a forced item rebuild
  • Updated the stock database
  • Cover date updating during updates works better to detect changes where the date format was inconsistent
  • Picture modification dates are now written in international format