Current Updates

Now Available: ComicBase 2017

Customers with current subscriptions can download it directly from their Registrations page.

(The version you download from your registrations page is fully updated—you don’t need these updaters if you download the full installer)

ComicBase 2017 v19.0.8 Updaters

For users of ComicBase 2017 v19.0 through v19.0.7. Choose the appropriate updater for the edition of ComicBase you have. To install, open the updater zip file after downloading, and double-click the updater inside in order to run it.

Note: These updaters require a previously installed full version of ComicBase 2017 in order to function, and that ComicBase has been installed in its default location. You can also download the full installer from your My Account > Registrations download links instead of these updaters if you prefer.

ComicBase 2017 Archive Edition v19.0.8 Updater (Build 531)

ComicBase 2017 Professional v19.0.8 Updater (Build 531)

ComicBase 2017 Express v19.0.8 Updater (Build 531)

New from v19.0.7:

  • Introduced a new, less intrusive way of flagging certain types of problems (like attempting to view invalid picture files) without stopping things cold and making you click on an "OK" message to acknowledge the error message. We expect to see this used to flag non-critical errors in future editions.
  • Collection reports now show graded values instead of NM values
  • Fixed issues which could cause certain titles to not have their pictures appear on web reports
  • Picture Archive installation is now easier when the Archives have been renamed by your browser.