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January 10, 2007

ComicBase Tip of the Day:

The Fastest Way to Enter Issues

I hope longtime ComicBase users will forgive me for adding in an old tip, but for my money, it’s the most important tip in the whole program, and one that will save you more time if you know if that any other. So here goes:

Want to enter a whole run of comics fast? (And I do mean fast!) Just highlight the issues you want to enter in the main ComicBase window and press the “1” key on your keyboard. You’ll notice that the quantity for all the selected issues gets changed to 1. The same goes for any of the numbers 0–9. You can also use “+” to add 1 to the quantity of the selected issues, or “-” to subtract 1.

The only caveat here is that you have to do your selecting by clicking in the far-left column of the grid—if you click in any other column, this shortcut won’t work (as it’ll assume that you meant to type in that particular column).

Bonus Tip: You can select ranges of issues either by dragging up and down with the mouse, or by holding down the Ctrl key while dragging or clicking in the far-left column to select different ranges of issues at once. Shift-clicking extends a selection to the point where you clicked, and pressing Ctrl-A (or choose Edit > Select All) selects the entire grid at once.