Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Avoiding the Worst Case Scenario

A couple of times a year, we take a tech support call which breaks our heart.

It usually goes like this: a longtime customer has spent the past several years entering their massive collection of comics, only to lose it all when their:

  1. …computer was damaged in a fire
  2. …computer was fried in a lightning strike
  3. …computer was stolen
  4. …computer went missing (possibly seized by agents of their angry ex-spouse)
  5. …hard drive crashed
  6. …child poured a drink into their computer
  7. …own drink spilled all over their computer
  8. …entire house was lost in Hurricane Katrina

Times like this turn us from tech support analysts into grief counselors. And it only gets worse when they reveal they’ve never backed the database up, or they’ve never backed it up anywhere other than their hard drive (which is now lost).

Please folks, make backups. Plural.

Start by always allowing ComicBase to save a backup each time you exit, and if you’ve got more than one drive (even a USB thumb drive), use Setup > Preferences to save the backup in a different location than the original. This will help protect you against damage caused by a failing disk drive.

It’s also a good idea to—at least every month or so—make a backup onto a CD or DVD and keep it in a safe place (preferably offsite, or in a fireproof safe). Remember: insurance can protect you from a lot, but it’ll never reimburse you for all the time you’ve spent working on your collection.