Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Moving Old Custom Fields into the New Creator Fields in ComicBase 12


ComicBase customer Mark De Mara writes:

I was checking out your website about the new ComicBase 12 features.

I have been using the custom memo field numbers 1 through 4 to catalog inkers, color artists, cover artists and signatures on the comic.

With the new inker and other fields present in ComicBase 12, is it possible for me to use my memo fields to populate the new standard fields for the related catagories?

For example, I would want to transfer custom memo field 1 to the new standard inker field.  Custom memo field 2 to the colorist field and so on.

I'm hoping there is a way to do this without having to cut and paste each field individually.


Mark De Mara


The answer: Use the Mass Change command (Comics > Mass Change)

Set Field:  Inker
To Field: (your old inker field)

That’ll transfer all your old inkers to our inker field, albeit with the side effect of blowing away any inkers we had been there previously. Never fear, however: those will come right back the next time you download an update.