Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Running ComicBase under Vista with UAC turned off—Another Solution

Thanks to a couple of folks on the MSDN forums for this tip which allows ComicBase to be run even with Vista’s accursed User Account Controls turned off (and which doesn't require a fancy registry hack available only under some versions of Vista):

  1. Click the Start Button
  2. In “Start Search” box at the bottom, type cmd (Don't press <Enter>)

    An icon for “cmd” should now show up under programs at the top of the start menu

  3. Right click on the command icon and choose Run as Administrator
  4. In the command window that appears, type one of the following:

    For ComicBase 12 Archive and Professional Editions:
    "C:\Program Files\Human Computing\ComicBase 12\ComicBase 12.exe" /regserver

    For ComicBase 12 Express:
    "C:\Program Files\Human Computing\ComicBase 12 Express\ComicBase 12 Express.exe" /regserver

    For ComicBase FREE:
    "C:\Program Files\Human Computing\ComicBase FREE\ComicBase FREE.exe" /regserver

    Make sure to include the quotation marks. (If you installed ComicBase somewhere other than the default location, you’ll need to amend the paths shown above to match where you installed your copy of ComicBase)
  5. Press <Enter>. Nothing will appear to happen, but Vista will register the system files used by ComicBase in a way which will give ComicBase access to them without special administrative permissions. Afterward, ComicBase should work even if you decided to turn off User Account Controls in your Users control panel.