The world's #1 program for managing comic collections is now more more powerful than ever before!

ComicBase 2021 comes packed with vast amounts of new content, fully updated pricing, and great new features to help you manage your collection and track its value more easily.

Built on the blazingly-fast database engine we introduced last year, this new edition flies through tasks in a fraction of the time of its predecessors, and its modernized architecture lets it perform fluidly through even the most demanding jobs, and handles collections of unlimited size (without the need for database compacting!)

ComicBase features current market pricing and detailed information on over 950,000 comics, along with weekly price and title updates for a year to keep your collection up to date. The amazing Archive Edition now includes over 750,000 full-color cover images, with the ability to automatically download new ones each week as comics are released.

And what's more, ComicBase now goes beyond comics, letting you track your books and magazines too!


  • Top Gainers and Losers Report

    ComicBase 2021 shows how your own collection has changed after each week's content update, and introduces a new Top Gainers and Losers report to see which comics rose and fell the most in terms of value to help you spot market trends.

  • Collection Value History Graph

    Adding to ComicBase's Collection Statistics, you can now also take the long view and see how your collection has changed in size and value over time.

  • Most Valuable Items Report

    Need a quick list of your most valuable books, comics, or magazines? Whether it's for yourself or for your insurance agent, the new Most Valuable Items report has you covered.

  • Wanted List

    The new, dedicated "Wanted List" report lets you easily print out all the details (with cover images) to help you track down those elusive comics, books, and magazines you've been searching for. Pro and Archive

  • Psychic Typing 2.0

    One of ComicBase's favorite features: "Psychic Typing" has been massively improved to help you enter creator names, storylines, and characters with even fewer keystrokes--helping you enter your information faster, while avoiding typos and misspellings.

  • Cover Gallery Screen Saver

    Exclusively for Archive Edition users: the new ComicBase Cover Gallery screen saver gives you a fascinating and ever-changing way to view the hundreds of thousands of cover images included with the Archive Edition. The cover gallery draws on your database to pick desired images to display, and includes multiple monitor support.


  • Get an automatic summary of how your collection's size and value has changed after each week's price and content update.
  • The Report menu now has new reports (Top Gainers and Losers, Most Valuable Items, Wanted List) to let you easily track important items
  • Collection Statistics (File > Collection Statistics) and its new Collection Value History graph let you instantly see your collection's value, and how it's changed over time, including both items and values.
  • New report selection and Quick Reports let you to search for anything you want: a favorite publisher, items over a certain value, etc. -- and then transform the results into a checklist or report (complete with totals)


  • Archive Editions now include over 750,000 full-color cover images, giving you an unparalleled resource for identifying variants, as well as reporting and labelling.
  • Download pristine cover images each week to keep you current with new releases, as well as upgraded cover images of existing items.
  • New 4K Archive Edition includes tens of thousands of dazzling images at 4K Ultra High-Definition resolution, as well the ability to download new images at up to 4K resolution
  • New ComicBase Cover Gallery screen saver gives Archive Edition users a fascinating way to view the vast world of comics, with an ever-changing display of over 100 years of comic history.
  • Both versions now available either in both physical format (four DVDs for the Archive Edition, one 50 GB Blu-ray Disc for the 4K Archive Edition) or digital download.


  • Built-in information and current market pricing for over 950,000 comics ranging from the late 1800s to today
  • Includes a year of free weekly price and content updates to keep your collection current.
  • Easy support for digital comics and other digital assets. Just drag them onto their titles, then you can read them by clicking on their entries in the database! You can also attach movie trailers, web links, and more.
  • ComicBase now tracks not just comics, but books and magazines too!


  • Shop online for comics, or sell your own (with no store or listing fees) on Atomic Avenue
  • Includes ComicBase Sidekick assistant program to automatically keep your database updated with the latest content, back up your data to the cloud, generate web reports, and update your listings on
  • NEW! ComicBase Mobile app for iOS and Android (Professional and Archive Editions) lets you view and add to your collection from almost any mobile device, including iPhones, iPads, and Android and Windows phones and tablets
  • Breakdown and graph your collection’s value by genre, publisher, era, and more
  • Request professional collection evaluations from Heritage Auction Galleries
  • All versions include a FREE year of downloadable price, issue updates, and program updates
  • Includes 2 GB of free cloud-based backup space for the same time period, helping you keep your collection safe


If you’re a current customer with an active update subscription, we’ve already issued you your ComicBase 2021 serial number and download links. Just check your Registrations to get these.

To get ComicBase 2021 on disk, just renew your ComicBase subscription and choose physical delivery at checkout. You can also take advantage of upgrade pricing for ComicBase Archive Edition if you’re currently using ComicBase Express or Professional.

When you do this, you’ll get ComicBase 2021 at the special discounted upgrade price, as well as a full year of content, title, and program updates.

New to ComicBase? Check out our Product Information section to find which edition of ComicBase is right for you and learn more about everything ComicBase does.

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System Requirements

  • Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 11
  • 1024x768 or larger color monitor (1200x1024 or larger preferred)
  • 2 GHz or faster processor
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more preferred)
  • Internet connection needed for installation and some program features