Interim Builds

These are interim builds so that we can address issues and make changes as rapidly as possible. We'll be periodically rolling them into regular "point releases" (e.g. 23.0.1). Expect this page to change frequently as we make changes, but don't feel obliged to download the new versions unless you see something of particular interest.

Please send comments about these builds to

Current build: v23.1.0 (Build 2188)

Download from your Registrations page

Changes from v23.1.0 (Build 2101)

  • When mass-changing the price field to the value of another field (not just a fixed amount), it now takes into condition the item's grade when determining the final price.
  • The Update Summary window now shows when you initiate an update from the Collection Statistics window
  • Fixed a problem displaying pictures when switching between title and issue searches
  • Fixed an error which would occur when duplicating a newspaper
  • Content update log files are now sub-divided by media type, to better deal with updates when there are massive numbers of changes. Note that if there are hundreds of thousands of changes in a given media type, your browser software may not be able to load the entire file. If so, try a text editor like Notepad++
  • Does a better job of allowing the submission of large numbers of pictures/corrections at once.

The latest interim build has now gone into general release (available at the link above). No subsequent interim builds are currently available.