Now Available: ComicBase v22.0.2 (Build 1708)

Customers with current subscriptions can download it directly from the Registrations page.

To Update: Just download and run the ComicBase Setup program again. The new setup will automatically update you to the current version--this will not affect your data.

Changes from v22.0.1

  • Dramatically faster opening time for large titles (e.g. Action Comics)
  • Faster program startup
  • New options when updating to let you choose which media types you'd like to update (and optionally remove items of the unselected media types which aren't in stock)
  • New Grading Set to support EGS grades
  • Now provides a one-button "fix-it" for users running their ComicBase Database inside a folder that's been redirected by OneDrive to move the database to their Public Documents folder instead
  • Does a better job of handling irregular data when transferring from old-style (pre-ComicBase 2020) databases
  • Better handling of Correction Submit when working with a very large titles
  • Significant speed improvements when using the Remove command/Delete key to delete issues from a grid view showing many items
  • Improved importing of items belonging to unknown titles.
  • Fixed an issue which could sometimes occur when removing multiple lines from the "Add by Inventory" window at once
  • Adding non-NM items in Add by Inventory does a better job of instantly updating the titles' In Stock status.
  • Revamped the installer to better deal with conflicting versions of Crystal Reports
  • Grading Notes are now included on quick reports
  • Fixed an issue where clicking in the grid on Select Titles (e.g. "Transfer Issues to Which title...") could result in a stack overflow.
  • Fixes an error message which could occur when doing an optimize after a tremendous number of new items have been added or changed in the database.