Now Available: ComicBase 2017 Director’s Cut (v19.4.5)

Customers with current subscriptions can download it directly from your Registrations page.

(The version you download from your registrations page is fully updated—you don’t need these updaters if you download the full installer)

Current Updates

Note: Be sure to remove any previous ComicBase 2017 updaters using the Add/Remove Programs control panel before installing these updates (Otherwise you'll likely get a message saying that "Another version of this product is already installed"). This will not affect your database.
These updaters require a full installation of ComicBase 2017 v19.0 through v19.4.4 in order to function. Choose the appropriate updater for the edition of ComicBase you have. To install, open the updater zip file after downloading, and double-click the updater inside in order to run it.

ComicBase 2017 Archive Edition v19.4.5 Director's Cut Updater (RC2, Build 576)

ComicBase 2017 Professional v19.4.5 Director's Cut Updater (RC2, Build 576)

ComicBase 2017 Express v19.4.5 Director's Cut Updater (RC2, Build 576)

Changes from v19.4:

  • Adds support in Sidekick for the new ComicBase Mobile apps for iOS and Android. Sidekick now syncs your collection data and updates your application stats each time you Save to Cloud or do a database update.
  • Faster startup in ComicBase, particularly on systems with many drives.
  • Faster posting of issues using the Sell command.
  • Improved database maintenance abilities when using Compact and Repair.
  • Much better handling of the former Worst Error Message in ComicBase™: (The, "You appear to be opening a backup file…" one). Now, should you open up a backup file—either by mistake or intentionally—ComicBase will offer to convert it into your working file automatically, and get rid of that vexing message once and for all.
  • Includes a fully updated and optimized base database.
  • Backup files are no longer added to your list of recently used databases, nor will Sidekick attempt to perform maintenance functions on backups.
  • Prevents a rare condition which could cause the updater to cycle indefinitely when downloading updates.
  • Gives more information and allows you to resolve the case where you’ve sold an issue on Atomic Avenue, but it can’t be deducted from your inventory since the original record had been deleted.
  • Includes a large number of improvements to Sidekick’s performance and stability.
  • Both ComicBase and Sidekick use a much-updated server architecture for processing updates.
  • Faster Save to the Cloud in Sidekick, with smaller file sizes.
  • Added a new error handling system to Sidekick in which encountering a problem (such as a network connection issue) doesn’t stop other tasks.
  • Holding down the Alt key and clicking Compact Now in ComicBase Sidekick now allows you to reset your Database ID. This can be useful if you have multiple databases with the same ID (e.g. if you’d done a file copy of a database in order to create another one).
  • Fixed a problem in Sidekick 19.4.3 where sold items might not be noticed and deducted.
  • Fixed a path error in Sidekick 19.4.4 which gave an error on new installations when saving database status information.
  • Basic Collection Reports now show the graded value of each item instead of the NM Value
  • Fixed a problem which could cause cover dates not to be updated when they change as part of the weekly content update