Now Available: ComicBase 2017

Customers with current subscriptions can download it directly from your Registrations page.

(The version you download from your registrations page is fully updated—you don’t need these updaters if you download the full installer)

Current Updates

Note: Remove any previous ComicBase 2017 updates using the Add/Remove Programs control panel before installing these updates. This will not affect your database.
These updaters require a full installation of ComicBase 2017 v19.0 through v19.0.9. Choose the appropriate updater for the edition of ComicBase you have. To install, open the updater zip file after downloading, and double-click the updater inside in order to run it.

ComicBase 2017 Archive Edition v19.1 Updater (Build 550)

ComicBase 2017 Professional v19.1 Updater (Build 550)

ComicBase 2017 Express v19.1 Update (Build 550)

New from v19.0.9:

  • Fixes a problem setting cost on multiple issues during batch issue entry.
  • Improves the way issues with multiple printings are sorted and displayed on the Titles report.