Now Available: ComicBase v23.1.0 (Build 2069)

Customers with current subscriptions can download it directly from the Registrations page.

To Update: Just download and run the ComicBase Setup program again. The new setup will automatically update you to the current version--this will not affect your data.

Changes from v23.0.0 (Build 1708)

  • Scrolling in the main grid is now much smoother and more responsive
  • Added variants V151-V250 to deal with some incredibly crazy items with over 200 variant covers!
  • Rolled the speed improvements for the main search window grid into the Select Items grid (used when you lookup an item when adding by barcode)
  • Jump to Issue (F3) now will take you to the nearest variant match if you type in a regular issue, and no regular issue by the number specified exists (e.g. on a title like Department of Truth where all the issues are variants of one sort or another)
  • Ctrl+Page Up will take you to the top row of the main grid; Ctrl+Page Down will go to the bottom
  • Sidekick now has new options (under Settings > Save to Cloud) to let you better use your Wanted list with Atomic Avenue. You can now automatically uncheck the "Wanted" status of items you have at least one copy of, add any items you have marked as "Wanted" in ComicBase to your Atomic Avenue wish list, and also remove items from your Atomic avenue Wishlist which are not listed as being "Wanted" in ComicBase.
  • Title publisher name entry is now made via "Psychic Typing" instead of list selection, which has the additional benefit of allowing the entry of new publishers which are exact matches for a subset of existing publishers (E.g. "Amra" when there's an existing "Amra-Amra"). It also automatically pulls up the most frequently used copyright line for that publisher
  • When checking for Sales and Purchases, any existing archival sales data from Atomic Avenue will will now be downloaded so that older sales reports can be created.
  • The Sales Report now has a set of preset reporting periods to make date choice easier.
  • Drag/drop changes to drop pictures on the grid now instantly update the picture date modified field instead of needing to wait for the grid to refresh
  • Grid changes, add by barcode, POS Terminal sales, quick change, mass change, and API/Atomic Avenue Sales changes now update the modified, Last Qty Modified Date and Last Value Modified Date fields
  • Fixes to Sidekick's "Perform all tasks" and "Update All Databases"
  • Searches for blank years published now work properly
  • Fixed a problem which could cause title divider labels to become clipped
  • Fixed a possible cause of "data format" errors in the Select Items dialog
  • Removed (erroneous) grand totals from the Detailed Sales Report. All levels of totalling are available on the Basic Sales report.
  • The edit windows for the various media types now allow you to link to the available Atomic Avenue inventory of that issue