Thursday, March 30, 2023

Comicbase 9.0.4 Update Notes

Changes from ComicBase 9.0
- Adds the ability to export to different formats (such as PDF) from the Print Preview window.

- Added a new drop-down next to the Cost field to let you set your cost as a percentage discount of cover price (e.g. your retailer gives you 15% off cover when you buy your comics). This discounted cost will apply to any issues in any new titles you add; however,the default cost for additional issues in any existing title is always the price of the previous issue (i.e. if the cost of #766 was $2.50, the cost for #767 will be $2.50 until you change it).

- Added the ability to choose the location of automatic backups through the Preferences dialog.

- Does a better job of handling titles with single, straight quotes in their names.

- ComicBase now launches and opens databases faster.

- Creating New Databases now offers the option of carrying over your customized Conditions, Comic Types, Issue Variations, and Publishers automatically to the new database.

- Import now does a better job of dealing with invalid data, as well as certain types of issues

- Fixed summary price list reporting when List Only Marked Issues is checked

- The highlight color for owned issues is now a bit darker

- Improved compatibility with Windows 98 and Me (If you were unable to successfully install ComicBase, please contact Human Computing technical support to request replacement media).

- Fixed searching by Title Years Published

- Fixed a problem reading preferences on some foreign systems

- Fixed an error which could occur after repeatedly using the “Jump” command.

- Fixed a problem which was preventing Find & Replace from working properly

- Title reports now list titles in the same order as they appear in ComicBase

- Install Pictures works better with the Archive Edition's Pictures DVD

- Manage Pictures and Movies' Clean Up command now handles publishers with trailing spaces in the name

- Circulation, Top CGC Grade, and Number Graded fields are now updatable (Archive Edition)

- Issue Date Modified now updates when changing information directly from the issues Grid or Quick Change.

- Calculate ComicBase Statistics is faster. In fact, it's so much faster that we've dispensed with the need to click the old "Calculate" button in order to get your basic collection statistics. (The Calculate button has now been relabeled "More" and is used to generate stats about missing pictures and descriptions). You can also now sort the columns in the Publishers list by clicking on the titles.

- “List Only Titles in Stock” is now an available option when doing Title Name searches.

- Improved system for update checking.

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