ComicBase comes built-in with information and pricing on over 860,000 comics, as well as thousands of books and magazines. As a result, all that needs to be done to enter most items is to look them up in the database, and to note how many you have, their condition, and other information about your particular item that you want to keep track of. Each copy of ComicBase also comes with a year of program and content updates, allowing you to download new pricing and information about newly released items each week. This makes it possible to easily keep track of even the largest collections, as well as keep them updated with the current market pricing.

There are several different ways to enter information about your items into the database, letting you choose the method that works the best for your own particular needs:

Entering information in Grid View

Just look up the item by its title or barcode, then use a spreadsheet-style grid to enter your cost, quantity, or other information

Detailed Data Entry

Double-clicking on an item to see and edit everything about it. Great for entering extensive notes or custom fields, particularly for high-value or unique items.

One-Key Quantity Entry

With one or more items selected, type a key from 09 to indicate that you have that many of each issue in stock. For comics and other items you collect regularly, this lets you enter whole runs with a single keystroke!

Quick Change

With one or more items selected, use the Edit > Quick Change command (Ctrl-G) to change a single field for all of the selected items. For instance, marking all of the items as “For Sale” or that you bought them all for $1 at the comic shop.

Add by Barcode (Pro, Archive Editions)

Use the Items > Add by Barcode command available in ComicBase Professional and Archive Editions to enter your comics as fast as you can scan them, using a supermarket checkout-like interface.

Adding New Items

You can also add items which aren’t already known to the database: either by clicking the New Item button, or add a new item to an existing series by clicking the Quick Add button. (Afterward, we encourage you to send information on newly added items to us using the Submit New Or Corrected Data command, so that our editors can begin tracking pricing information for it, and add it to the next weekly update)

ComicBase also has some lesser-used, but very powerful tools for making larger changes across the database…

Importing Data from Other Programs

ComicBase can also import data from programs such as Excel, using tab or comma-separated text files.

Using Mass Change to Make Collection-Wide Changes

ComicBase also has the ability to instantly make changes across the entire database, such as marking all items as For Sale, or setting the selling price to a percentage of the current guide price.