ComicBase Sidekick is a companion program that works with ComicBase to take care of some of the necessary, but dull aspects of managing your collection: downloading content updates, updating any store inventory you have on Atomic Avenue, keeping your inventory synchronized with the mobile app, and backing up your database the cloud.

ComicBase launches at your computer’s startup, and resides in the “Notification area” at the bottom-right of your taskbar, near the clock. If you don’t immediately see its icon (a little super-hero), you can click the up-arrow in the notification area to see it:

Show Hidden Icons
Show Hidden Icons in the Notification Area
Hidden icons in the Notification Area
The ComicBase Sidekick icon

Right-click on the Sidekick icon and choose “Open” to view its main window:

ComicBase Sidekick
ComicBase Sidekick

You can choose to perform any of the available actions on the selected database by clicking the buttons on the right-hand side–or use the Settings icon (the cog at the upper-right) to set a schedule for which to perform these actions automatically.

The real strength of Sidekick comes when you set up a schedule. Then, you simply leave your computer on when you’re done working for the day (ideally, with ComicBase closed, as Sidekick can’t perform certain actions if ComicBase is open), and Sidekick can take care of all the drudge work–backing up, updating, etc. in the middle of the night.