When you Add By Barcode, you can enter items as fast as you can scan them with your barcode scanner, and also note condition, quantity, and cost for each item as you go. This is typically the fastest way to add newly purchased comics, books, or magazines to your collection, and also works well when entering items with barcodes that you already own (particularly books, magazines, and comics published after 1992, when comic barcodes became standard).

Adding Items by Barcode
Adding Items by Barcode

Adding Items

  1. Scan each item with your barcode scanner (or enter its barcode/ISBN/ISSN number)
  2. If the item is found, its information will appear:
    • The default quantity to add be 1 — this may be changed if you’re adding multiple copies of the same item.
    • The cost of the item will default to zero, its cover price, or its current value, as specified in the ComicBase Preferences
    • The selling price will default to its current value, but can be changed if desired
    • The condition will default to the Near Mint/Like New, but can be changed before adding.
  3. If a given item does not have a barcode, you can look it up by its name using the Lookup button. (If most of the items you want to enter don’t have barcodes, however, it’ll generally be faster to use a different method of data entry).
  4. If you’d like to make any other changes to items you’re adding (e.g. using one of the custom fields in ComicBase Pro or Archive Editions to say, set all the comics being entered as being in a specific box) check the “Display Items after Saving” option at the bottom of the screen, then use Quick Change to make any changes to the comics you’ve just entered after saving them.
  5. Check the option to Print Divider Labels for new titles to automatically print out divider labels for any titles which are having their first new book added to your collection
  6. When you’ve scanned in all the books you want to enter in this batch, click the Save button to add them to your collection.

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