ComicBase Mobile is a free app which is available to all ComicBase Professional or Archive Edition users with a current ComicBase update subscription. The new app lets you do a number of very cool things, including:

  • See an instant overview of your collection’s value, as well as view how it’s changed over time
  • View and drill down into all your saved reports, including your collection reports, issue checklists, title reports, and more
  • Instantly view detailed comic information and current values for over 850,000 comics by typing in a the title and/or issue number—or just use your device’s camera to scan its barcode!
  • Add new items to your collection while you’re on the go, then use ComicBase’s Internet > Check for Sales and Purchases command to automatically add them to your collection when you get back to your main computer.

In years past, we’d been able to do several of these things using the “My Comics” web app, but the new native app adds a whole new level of capability and speed.

Barcode recognition, in particular is hugely improved, since the new app can continuously scan for the barcode until it gets the shot it needs—versus the old web app which needed you to (very steadily!) take a picture of the comic’s barcode and try again if the resulting picture was too blurry. Of course, a dedicated barcode scanner is still the fastest at beeping in a lot of comics, but the new ComicBase Mobile app is easily an order of magnitude faster and more reliable for use on the road than the old web app.

ComicBase Mobile is available as a free download from the Google Play store for Android, or the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad.