ComicBase 2020 introduced a new feature: Grading Sets to let you tailor the list of conditions shown in each item’s drop-down. This lets you easily access any of the grades used by professional grading services like CGC, PGX, and CBCS — and at the same time, keep the conditions list trimmed down to a manageable size by eliminating any services you don’t use.

To use Grading Sets, go to the Setup > Grading, and click the Grading Sets icon at the top right:

Grading Setup
The Grading Setup dialog

Then, just check to enable any services you want to include in each collectibles’ conditions drop down, or uncheck unneeded ones to remove them from the list.

Note: unchecking only removes grades that are not used by items in your database.

At this time, CGC, PGX, and CBCS regular and restored grades are supported with predefined grading sets.