SalesVenue {16 bit Integer}.

Identifies the venue/channel this sale occurred on.
0 Built-in ComicBase POS
1 Atomic Avenue
2…32767 3rd Party E-Commerce System. We will define constants for each as 3rd party connectors appear.

SalesDate {datetime}

The date and time the sale took place

OrderID {string, 20 characters max}

The order ID number on the originating system. Required, and must be unique for that system

PrimaryDatabaseID {GUID}

The ComicBase database which this sale “belongs to” — typically the database whose first item is in the SalesItems list. This is necessary since a sale may have come from more than one originating ComicBase Database. Only the Primary Database will have the sale reflected in its sales tables, although sold items will be deducted from the originating database, whichever it was, when the user Checks for Sales and Purchases from within ComicBase.

SalesNotes {Optional} {string, 255 characters max}

If specified, allows you to tag this sale with additional data, which will be logged as part of the transaction when ComicBase processes the sale. This information can be included on sales reports from within ComicBase.

CustomerName {Optional} {string, 80 characters max}

If specified, the full name of the customer

CustomerID {Optional} {string, 30 characters max}

If specified, the identifying ID number for this customer on the sales system

SalesPersonName {Optional} {string, 80 characters max}

If specified, the name of the person who made the sale

SalesPersonID {Optional} {string, 30 characters max}

If specified, the identifying ID number for this salesperson on the originating sales system

GoodsTotal {money}

The total amount of the order in the originating currency

TotalTax {money}

The total money amount for all taxes (Sales, VAT, etc.) on this order

SalesFees {money}

The total money amount of any shipping charges associated with this sale

Shipping {money}

The net total money charged to the customer for this sale (typically GoodsTotal + TotalTax + Shipping)

SalesItems A list of one or more CBAPISalesItem records