Using Quick Reports to Display Titles and Searches

Introduced with ComicBase 2020 v20.0.2, Quick Reports give you an easy way to report on whatever items or titles you’re currently viewing. They’re perfect for getting a quick rundown

Using Grading Sets to add CGC, CBCS, PGX, and other grades

ComicBase 2020 introduced a new feature: Grading Sets to let you tailor the list of conditions shown in each item’s drop-down. This lets you easily access any of the

Managing Your Collection on the Go with the ComicBase Mobile App (Professional/Archive Editions)

ComicBase Mobile is a free app which is available to all ComicBase Professional or Archive Edition users with a current ComicBase update subscription. The new app lets you do

Using ComicBase with a Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are an indispensable tool for quickly and efficiently dealing with the vast array of items which might be in your collection. While ComicBase makes it easy to

Adding Items by Barcode

When you Add By Barcode, you can enter items as fast as you can scan them with your barcode scanner, and also note condition, quantity, and cost for each

Using ComicBase Sidekick to Automate Routine Tasks

ComicBase Sidekick is a companion program that works with ComicBase to take care of some of the necessary, but dull aspects of managing your collection: downloading content updates, updating

Printing and Reporting

Once you’ve entered your collection’s data, ComicBase gives you a number of ways to view and get reports on it, depending on what you’d like to do with the

Updating Your Collection’s Prices and Content

Each copy of ComicBase comes with a year-long update subscription which includes weekly price and content updates, as well as all program updates that are released during the subscription’s

Using Mass Change to Make Collection-Wide Changes

The Mass Change command allows you to make a change across the entire database at once. For instance, you can mark all your items as being “For Sale”, or

Importing Data From Other Programs

ComicBase can import data exported from spreadsheets such as Excel, or other programs which can export their data tab- or comma-delimited text format. Notes before Importing Each line of