Defines an adjustment to an existing sale. It consists of the following fields:

SalesVenue {16 bit Integer}.

Identifies the venue/channel this sale occurred on.
0 Built-in ComicBase POS
1 Atomic Avenue
2…32767 3rd Party E-Commerce System. We will define constants for each as 3rd party connectors appear.

TransactionDate {datetime}

The date and time of the adjustment

OrderID {string, 20 characters max}

The order ID number on the originating system. Required, and must be unique for that system

GoodsAdjustment {money}

The total goods price adjustment for this order

FeesAdjustment {money}

The total fees adjustment for this order

TaxAdjustment {money}

The total tax adjustment for this order

ShippingAdjustment {money}

The total shipping adjustment for this order

TotalAdjustment {money}

The total money adjustment to the total for this order

Reason {Optional} {string, 255 characters max}

If specified, allows you to note a reason for the adjustment, which will be logged as part of the transaction when ComicBase processes the sale. This information can be included on sales reports from within ComicBase.

CBSalesItemAdjustments A list of one or more CBAPISalesItemAdjustment records