Album View
The Album View

The Album View is similar to a stamp album: letting you quickly see which items are in stock or not and viewing each item primarily by its cover picture. To make it easier to spot items in stock vs. the ones you’re looking for, you can customize the view using the View > Album View Options menu, for instance, to have unowned items show in a more faded or darkened manner.

You can set the size of the cover thumbnails show under the View > Album View Options > Cover Icon Size menu of the main screen.

If the number of items to be displayed is larger than the album rows limit, you’ll see page controls appear at the bottom of the screen to let you page through the results. You can control how many items are shown per page of the album view using the Setup > Preferences setting for the Rows to Display in Album View. Note that choosing a very large number here can cause ComicBase to take some time when displaying titles with a great number of items. We recommend choosing a smaller number of items per page (or using the Auto setting, which chooses a number dependent on your computer’s performance) for the best results.

Selecting Items in Album View

While in Album view, you can select any number of items using the mouse. Hold down the Ctrl key to select items which aren’t in a range, or use Edit > Select All (Ctrl-A) to select all the items on the page.

When items are selected, right-clicking on them brings up a menu of available commands, letting you perform actions such as editing the items, duplicating them, or downloading cover art (Archive Edition only)

Editing Items in Album View

Double-clicking an item allows you to edit the selected item in detail. You can also do this by selecting an item and pressing the Enter key.

One-Key Quantity Entry

As a quicker method of marking the items you own, you can select one or more items, then press the keys from 0 to 9 to mark that number as the amount you have of each of the selected issues. You can also press the + or keys to add or subtract from the quantity of selected items