Big Behind-the-Scenes Updates for the Site!

Our minions just completed a huge job reworking the guts of both and Along with a host of cosmetic and performance improvements, we've greatly modernized our accounts system, allowing for longer passwords or even pass phrases (if you're into that sort of thing)--or just login with Facebook if you like to keep things simple.  Give it a try, and let us know what you think at!
Another Milestone

ComicBase Passes 800,000 Issues!

Thanks to the amazing efforts of our editors and contributions from customers, we've just passed the epic 800,000 issue mark!

A huge "Thanks!" to all our customers from around the world who contributed information via ComicBase's Submit New or Corrected Data command. You folks rock! And we can't tell you how much we appreciate your helping us make ComicBase better than ever!

ComicBase 2017 v19.0.9 RC3 Improves Dymo label, foreign currency support, as well as a host of other improvements

ComicBase 2017 v19.0.9 (RC3) is now out and available for download under the Betas and Testing updates section of the website. The latest release candidate improves German and foreign currency support, improves the quality of comic ID and price labels when printed on Dymo LabelWriters, super-charges the File Tools to better deal with extremely large databases, improves the way Finds work with large result sets, improves the way "Wanted" comics are handled on Collection and other reports, and does a better job of handling the change log when downloading content updates containing a large amount of new information (like the ones we've been seeing so very frequently!). Check it out and let us know what you think at

Pro Tips for Shipping Comics

One of the best features in ComicBase is that it make it really easy to sell your comics on Atomic Avenue. But once those orders start rolling in, it’ll be up to you to pack your books so that they get to their new home in the same condition they left yours. With this video, we show off some helpful tips to make the shipping process a breeze.
Road Trip!

ComicBase 2015: New Features and Mobile App Intro Video

Pete and Neil hit the road to show off some of the cool new stuff in ComicBase 2015, including the new Mobile Web App. Special thanks to Lee's Comics for letting us film the mobile section in their fabulous Mountain View store.

July ComicBase Confidential

Check out the latest edition of ComicBase Confidential with our latest sales trends, news of Comic Con, and a clever conundrum for your reading pleasure!

ComicBase Tips #3: Pricing

In the latest ComicBase Tip, ComicBase creator Pete Bickford gets down to brass tacks, telling you how ComicBase can help you figure out the value of your collection, and giving some great tips for insuring and analyzing your collection. He even explains what those goofy red and blue rows are in ComicBase.

ComicBase 17.0.6 now available!

Sidekick gets the power of stretchiness! (It now looks a lot better if you have font-scaling turned on or other magnification on your screen). Also, fixed a couple of very minor bugs with scheduling, graphs, and title selection in ComicBase. Please head over to our Betas section and let know what you think.