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Introducing ComicBase 2023!

Introducing the most comprehensive, powerful, and easiest-to-use ComicBase ever!

Along with an unprecedented amount of new content and completely updated pricing, ComicBase 2023 was completely overhauled on a technical level to give you new levels of performance, and to unlock the full capabilities of modern computers. It also adds a bevy of great new features to make managing your collection easier, give you new insights on your comic sales, and better tailor its incredible database of information to your own needs.

ComicBase Livestream #111: Thanksgiving Tech Tip Extravaganza

ComicBase 2023's big quarterly update has just dropped, and ComicBase creator Pete Bickford is here to share his favorite tips to help you make the most of it. Plus! important ComicBase and tech news, as well as your questions answered live. Join us Wednesday at 4pm central to get in on the action!
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ComicBase 2023 Q4 Update Now Available For Download

Our big Q4 update is now available! The new version brings faster scrolling, improvements to sales reporting, new keyboard shortcuts, and so much more. See the link above for a full list of what's new, and download it today by using ComicBase's Internet > Check for Updates command. Enjoy!

Database Server Upgrade Complete!

Early Sunday, we completed our switchover to our new database hardware platform. Things should be reasonably zippy on the database front, and both and should be running quite a bit more smoothly. If you experience any issues, please reach out to our support team at 
Live Wednesday at 4:00pm Central!

ComicBase Livestream: The Number of Variants is INSANE!

Ever get the feeling that for every regular comic in your local comic shop, there's about a zillion other variant copies? We've done a deep dredge of US comic publishing history since 1935 and we'll be sharing the stunning data about exactly how much of the comics market has been taken over by variant madness. PLUS! New Windows Tech Tips, ComicBase and Atomic Avenue Updates, and your questions--answered live!

ComicBase Livestream #109: The Big Q4 Update!

There's been a lot going on since we launched ComicBase 2023 just a short time ago, and now we're wrapping it all up into our first big quarterly update. ComicBase's Pete Bickford will take you through everything that's new and changed, as well as answering your questions live!

ComicBase Livestream #108: What to Do With Bundled Items?

It's a conundrum that's puzzling even our intrepid editorial team: What's the best way to catalog all those comics, magazines, and what have you... which come bundled with ANOTHER collectible--whether it's a trading card, poster, or even an entirely separate book or graphic novel? Do those included items deserve their own listing? And if so, is the original item which it came bundled with saleable if the two items become separated?

 We'll be discussing this on the week's livestream, as well as taking your own questions about all things comics- and ComicBase related. Join us at 4pm Wednesday to get in on the discussion.

ComicBase Livestream #107: Entering Your Comics Fast

We've all been faced with the chore of trying to manage a sprawling comic collection which seems like it would take forever to properly catalog.

In this Livestream, however, ComicBase's Pete Bickford will share his favorite tips for getting the job done... and fast! He'll be talking everything from strategies to deal with different types of comics, program shortcuts to speed up data entry, and everything else you need to know to tackle even the largest collections. PLUS: We'll be answering your questions live, so be sure to join us at 4pm Wednesday for all the action!

ComicBase Livestream #106: Shipping Shootout + AtomicAvenue News

What's the best way to get your comics safely through hazardous terrain of the USPS shipping system? We'll be comparing different packing methods and telling you which ones came out on top for safety and cost. PLUS! Lots of new things going on with both Atomic Avenue and ComicBase. Join us Wednesday at 4 to get the whole scoop with ComicBase creator Pete Bickford