Live Wednesday at 4:00pm Central!

ComicBase Livestream #133: ComicBase Q&A

From how to record which box a comic is in to secret keyboard shortcuts, join ComicBase creator Pete Bickford as he'll be answering as many questions about ComicBase as he can on the next livestream. See you Wednesday at 4 Central!

ComicBase Archive: Now with Over 950,000 Covers!

ComicBase Archive Edition now comes with over 950,000 covers. Big thanks to our entire ComicBase team and all our contributing users who have helped us reach this mind-blowing achievement.
New Version!

Introducing ComicBase 2023!

Introducing the most comprehensive, powerful, and easiest-to-use ComicBase ever!

Along with an unprecedented amount of new content and completely updated pricing, ComicBase 2023 was completely overhauled on a technical level to give you new levels of performance, and to unlock the full capabilities of modern computers. It also adds a bevy of great new features to make managing your collection easier, give you new insights on your comic sales, and better tailor its incredible database of information to your own needs.

Why Adult's Can't Read Comics in Public

It's a "Big Questions" livestream that'll try to get at some of the bigger issues of comics fandom, with links to everything from fashion to Facebook status updates to the Bud Light fiasco. Be there at 4pm for all the fun!

What the Writer's Strike Means For Fans - ComicBase Livestream #130

Well, here we go again as the Writer's Guild of America voted to strike, effectively shutting down scripted film and TV production. What's it all about? How long is it likely to last? And how will it affect everything from movies to comics? We'll look into it in detail, as well as the recent Internet Archive court decision, and its impacts on both copyright and libraries.

ComicBase Livestream #129: Vegas, Baby!

Pete's back from his whirlwind trip to Vegas and the National Association of Broadcasters conference, and he'll be sharing stories of Sin City and all the cool gear on display at the show. He'll also be playing catch-up for your ComicBase questions. See you Wednesday for all the fun!

ComicBase Livestream #127: Odds & Ends

It's a sort of "anything can happen" livestream this week, with an assortment of ComicBase news, industry goings-on, technical questions answered, and all the usual odds and ends. Join us at 4pm Wednesday for all the fun!

ComicBase Livestream #126: More Secret Tips for ComicBase

Join us Wednesday at 4:00 Central for the ComicBase Livestream where ComicBase's Pete Bickford will share even more insider tips and tricks for getting the most out of your ComicBase software. Plus: your questions answered live!