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ComicBase 21.0.2 Released with New Features, Over 925K Comics!

ComicBase 2021's 2nd big update is now official, bringing with it a huge range of program improvements, new features including foreign currency handling/display, improved mobile support for Pro and Archive users, and crossing the 925,000 comic mark! Just head to, go to the My Account menu>Registrations to get it.

Introducing ComicBase 2021 (and ComicBase 4K Archive Edition!)

This brand new ComicBase 2021 is here! -- packed with information on almost 900,000 comics, fully-updated pricing, and improved collection-management features and reports to let you more easily track your collection and its value.

We're also introducing the new ComicBase 4K Archive Edition, featuring tens of thousands of covers upgraded to full 4K Ultra-High Definition resolution, as well as the ability to download new and upgraded covers every week in up to 4K resolution.

Check out the What's New page to find out everything that's new--and get your copy today!
LIVE Wednesday at 4pm Central!

ComicBase Livestream #52: Life's a Beach

Summertime's here, and the living's easy, so kick back, pour yourself a cold one, and join us for an extra-chill ComicBase Livestream where we'll be sharing the latest ComicBase news, tech tips, industry goings-on, and answering your questions live. PLUS! A very special announcement at the end of the show! Don't miss it!
LIVE Wednesday at 4pm Central!

ComicBase Livestream #51: Fun in the Sun

Let's get this party started! Around the Human Computing office, the water cooler talk is all about trips to the beach, getting ready to ride rollercoasters, and just generally looking forward to having a blast this summer. So let the good vibes surround you this Livestream as we talk about our favorite summer reading, road trip adventures, and share a bit about what we have planned for ComicBase when we're not working on our tans. (And we'll also be answering your questions live--including sharing the secrets of what all the ComicBase badges are!)
LIVE Wednesday at 4pm Central!

ComicBase Livestream #50: What to do About Variants?

From their humble origins as the odd "silver foil logo" special, or regional price test, variants have exploded in recent decades, and now form the vast majority of comic listings. They're not going away anytime soon, and in some of their more extreme cases (over 100 variant covers for a single comic??!) they've overwhelmed our ability to make sense of them properly, let alone deal with them gracefully in ComicBase.

Join us for this special livestream as we take a hard look at variants, and share ideas for how to get the whole thing under control before we're all buried under the unrelenting onslaught  of artist-remarked-virgin-alternate-cover-retailer-incentive-limited-edition-with-COA madness!

Oh! And we'll also be sharing the latest comic news, and answering your questions--don't miss it!
LIVE Wednesday at 4pm Central!

ComicBase Livestream #49: School's Out!

Over here in Nashville, the high schooler's officially started summer break this past Friday. With this livestream, we're turning our thoughts toward summer BBQs, hitting the beach (even if we have to drive to Florida to get there), and... finalizing the feature list for the next edition of ComicBase(!) So let's talk about making plans--both for fun in the sun, and for everything we'd like to see ComicBase do come fall. Join us for the discussion, and we'll also be answering your questions about all things comics and ComicBase-related--live!

ComicBase Livestream #48: Emerging from the Vault

It was a day of celebration as Nashvillians emerged from their seclusion this past weekend, took off their masks, and once again enjoyed feeling the sun on their faces on a warm spring day. Join us on this special Livestream as we talk about preference cascades and the sheer joy of liberation; share some huge news for DC; and discuss all things comics and ComicBase-related. Oh! And we also will be answering your questions, live.

ComicBase Livestream #47: In Other News...

In an especially random livestream today, we'll be discussing everything from a secret upgrade to ComicBase which ups the speed of barcode searches by two orders of some of the underreported (and misreported news) which you might want to start watching if you want to survive in the topsy-turvy world of collectibles. And we'll also be answering your questions live!

ComicBase Livestream #46: Taking the FUN out of NFT's

In today's livestream, we're talking about the latest rage in the world of collectibles: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and why they're either the biggest boom item in the art world since Jackson Pollock decided he could turn paint splashes into gold, or they're the dumbest craze since the Pet Rock. We'll get into what NFTs are, how they work, and why everyone from Wizard to Wall Street is going nuts for them. Oh! And we also answer your Comic and ComicBase questions live.

ComicBase Livestream #45: All That Jazz

It's the ComicBase Livestream! Join ComicBase's Pete Bickford as we share all the latest in ComicBase news, talk about the price explosion going on in the Golden Age comics market, and all that other hipster jazz.

Oh! And we also answer your questions live.

The show starts promptly at 4PM Central, so be there, or be square, fellow hep dudes!