Live Wednesday at 4:00pm Central!

Determining Your Comic Collector's Value (ComicBase Livestream 119)

Let's get down to the bottom line: what are all these comics in my collection actually worth?

Join us Wednesday at 4pm Central where ComicBase's Pete Bickford covers everything from how ComicBase determines current market values, how much you should trust any price guide, what to do about one-of-a-kind comics, and much more.
New Version!

Introducing ComicBase 2023!

Introducing the most comprehensive, powerful, and easiest-to-use ComicBase ever!

Along with an unprecedented amount of new content and completely updated pricing, ComicBase 2023 was completely overhauled on a technical level to give you new levels of performance, and to unlock the full capabilities of modern computers. It also adds a bevy of great new features to make managing your collection easier, give you new insights on your comic sales, and better tailor its incredible database of information to your own needs.

Destroying an Old Hard Drive and Other Tech Tips (ComicBase Livestream 118)

You've just gotten a shiny new machine, but what to do about the old one? And especially what do you do about that precious data on the old machine's hard drive? In this Livestream, ComicBase's Pete Bickford shares his favorite tips for securely (and humorously) ensuring that your old data doesn't wind up in the clutches of sinister entities, as well as sharing tips for better ComicBase searches, finding out your collection's true value quickly, and more. Join us at 4pm Wednesday!

ComicBase Tech Tips and Viewer Questions (Livestream 117)

It's our first "Viewer questions" episode of the year, where ComicBase's Pete Bickford will attempt to answer all those vexing queries about life, ComicBase, and everything else that might be on your mind. He'll also be sharing a brand new batch of ComicBase tech tips to help you get things done more quickly and easily. Join us Wednesday at 4 Central!

ComicBase Livestream 115: Looking Back/Looking Ahead

It's our "Year in Review/Next Year Preview" show for ComicBase. Join us at 4 as we  recount the big news of the year in terms of both the comics industry and ComicBase, as well as give a few clues as to what we might be getting up to next. And as always, we'll be answering your questions live!

ComicBase Livestream #113: Christmas Gifts for Comic Fans

Puzzled about what to get for the four-color fanatics in your life? On this special livestream, we'll share our picks at all price levels from stocking stuffers to spendy surprises that'll leave the recipient speechless with awe. Join us Wednesday at 4:00 for all the fun!

ComicBase Livestream #112: Burning Down the House

Even the best prepared amongst us us can face computer woes, and this past week, we faced own technological torment, courtesy of a misbehaving RAM module that temporarily took out one of our key servers. We'll share the whole sordid story, as well as what you can do to limit the problems in your own life when (and it's always "when", not "if") your computer decides to pack it in on you.

And, on a lighter note, we'll also be talking about the latest ComicBase news, and answering your questions live. Join us there for all of it!

ComicBase Livestream #111: Thanksgiving Tech Tip Extravaganza

ComicBase 2023's big quarterly update has just dropped, and ComicBase creator Pete Bickford is here to share his favorite tips to help you make the most of it. Plus! important ComicBase and tech news, as well as your questions answered live. Join us Wednesday at 4pm central to get in on the action!