Upgrading ComicBase with Windows 10

Windows 10 is a much-anticipated upgrade for many users, and will be released to the public as a free upgrade for all current Windows 7 and 8 users beginning on July 29th.

ComicBase 2015 Revision 2 has been extensively tested to work on this new OS, and this guide should help you make sure your upgrade to Windows 10 goes smoothly.

Upgrading your ComicBase Computer to Windows 10

Step 1: Back up your Computer

Installing any new operating system is a big step, and you should always make sure that your precious data is backed up safely before any major upgrade like this. You can back up your machine with any number of popular utilities (we use Acronis True Image ourselves), and Windows Vista through Windows 8 users can also use the built-in Windows Backup features. (Windows 8.1 users can use the new File History feature)

Since this is a ComicBase guide, we’ll make special mention to back up your ComicBase Database file, which contains all your collection data. By default, this database is stored in [My Documents] \Human Computing\ComicBase Databases, with the name ComicBase If you’re using a different database file, you can always find the full name of your current ComicBase database by launching ComicBase, then looking at the bottom of the ComicBase Statistics window: (File > ComicBase Statistics):

ComicBase Statistics

Important Note: Whenever you use Windows or a Backup program to copy your ComicBase database, make sure that ComicBase doesn’t have the file open (or you may not get a working backup copy as some data may not have been available). You can also safely make a copy of a database from within ComicBase by using the File > Save a Copy command.

Step 2: Upgrade to ComicBase 2015 Revision 2

ComicBase 2015 Revision 2 has been tested extensively to ensure it works properly with Windows 10. If you haven’t done so already, you should be sure to upgrade to this version of ComicBase in order to ensure proper operation with new OS.

ComicBase users with a current update subscription can find download links to ComicBase 2015 Revision 2 directly from their Registrations page. If you’re using an older version of ComicBase, you can also upgrade/renew your update subscription from the same page.

Step 3: Install Windows 10

Recommended: Using Windows Update (Windows 7 and Above)

Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users will be able to do an "in-place" upgrade of Windows 10 through Windows Update. In most cases, this will be the easiest way to upgrade, as it saves you from having to migrate all your programs and settings. Just launch Windows Update, choose the Windows 10 Update and let your computer alone for several minutes to an hour and it’ll download and install the new OS without you needing to do much else.

Alternative: Doing a Clean Install (or Installing on a New Computer)

If you prefer to start fresh (e.g. if your computer has been having virus or other troubles) or you want to install on an entirely new machine, you’ll want to do a clean install of Windows 10.

If you must do this, you can save yourself a fair amount of work afterward by using a File Migration tool to help preserve as many of your program settings as possible (see this article for more information)

After saving your old settings, to install Windows 10 itself, you’ll need to first make a bootable DVD or USB disk from the Windows 10 install files, then reboot your machine using that disk and proceed to install Windows 10 as a new installation.

Clean installs are terrific for fixing strange system problems and glitches, but the major downside is that afterward you’ll need to reinstall all your programs (including ComicBase), and restore any program settings or data files. See the article, "Moving ComicBase to a New Computer" for specific instructions on reinstalling ComicBase and moving over your Pictures and inventory.