Using the “Transfer Issues to Title” Command


One of the features we slipped into ComicBase starting with version 11.1 was a better way to handle the task of transferring issues from one title to another. The most common reason to transfer issues from one title to another is if you’d added the title under one name, but the ComicBase Master Database lists it under another. In that case, it’s a good idea to move your data into the same title that the master database uses, so that you’ll get the advantage of price updates and other information for that title, as well as being able to sell issues of that title on Atomic Avenue.

So, let’s say you had some issues listed under, say, “Captain America (Vol. 4)” and discovered that ComicBase’s official name for that title is “Captain America (4th Series)”. If you’re running ComicBase 11.1, all you’d have to do to set things right is highlight the old issues under “Captain America (Vol. 4),” then choose the Edit menu’s “Transfer Issues to Title…” command (you can also get there by right-clicking the issues in question and choosing from the menu that appears).

In the window that appears, choose the title, “Captain America (4th Series)” and click OK.

Next comes the only sort-of-trick part of the whole process. You’ll be asked whether you want to replace issues of the new title by the corresponding issues in the old one, provided that the issues in the new title didn’t already have inventory stored under them. If you believe your old information such as artist and writer credits is more complete or correct that what was included for those issues in ComicBase, click Yes, otherwise, click No. (If you generally allow updates to make corrections to existing entries, it doesn’t matter much what you choose here, as the next update will give you the most current information anyway).

After that, the ComicBase window be hidden for a moment as it transfers the data, then will reappear with your old data moved into the title you’ve chosen. If you like keeping things tidy, make sure you check the “Remove obsolete titles” checkbox next time you download an update, so that the defunct title (which no longer contains your data) gets removed.