Atomic Avenue: Using Auto-Repricing


Wrapping up (for now) the series of tech tips on selling comics, I wanted to take a look at one last set of options in the new Sell command of ComicBase 11.1 and 10.1, the "Automatically Reprice Slow-Selling Comics" section:


Sell Comics


The default price for a book in ComicBase is the book’s guide value. But what if the guide is unrealistic? Or what if you just want to ruthlessly undercut the competition?

By checking Automatically Reprice Slow-Selling Comics, you can have your posted comics automatically marked down if they haven’t sold in a certain number of days. For instance, you could have any comic that hasn’t sold in a month reduced in price by 5% each month until it does sell. This feature also offers you the chance to set a “floor” below which you’re not willing to mark the book down any further—say, 50% of its original guide price.

Any time you change either the original price of a book, its auto-repricing parameters, or its condition, it starts the auto-repricing cycle over again from the original price.