Submitting Additions and Corrections to the Database

As massive as ComicBase is, there actually are comics that aren’t in it yet, and not every single issue is as thoroughly indexed as is humanly possible. (Yes, it’s shocking, I know). In any case, starting with ComicBase 10.0.7, we’ve made it possible for you to add your own submissions to the master database. These get reviewed by our editors, and upon approval get rolled into the next week’s update so everyone can benefit.

(For an exhaustive look at the whole corrections process, see our latest newsletter).

To submit corrections or additions, just highlight the issues in question, right-click, and choose “Submit new or corrected data” from that menu that appears.

As a special favor to our editors: If you’ve got a lot of data to submit, it’s very helpful to us if you could highlight multiple issues at once, then submit them all in one fell swoop. The corrections control panel our editors use will automatically sift through the submission and detect what’s different, but opening up several hundred messages on, say, Action Comics, is a lot more troublesome for them to deal with than opening one message with 500 different corrections in it.

Finally, if you’ve been submitting a lot of data, make sure you check our our leaderboard at the top of You get one point for any correction we accept, plus a point for any new or larger picture you send us (the corrections program will automatically see any such pictures when you send corrections and ask if you’d like to send them to us). The whole corrections business sure keeps our editors busy, handling something like three thousand corrections and additions per week, but it makes a big difference in making ComicBase an even better resource for everyone.