Automatically Locate the Other Parts of an Ongoing Storyline

You can automatically pull up the other parts of a multi-part storyline by simply clicking on the story’s name when you view an issue’s detail:


For this particular trick to work, however, the storyline has to be in the format “My Big Storyline, Part x”. If it’s just “My Big Storyline” the hypertext link won’t appear.

Also, some ongoing storylines (such as Infinite Crisis) are considered “events” rather than actual storylines. That is, they in some way color the events of an entire universe full of characters, but they don’t really fall into any sort of sequential order. In those cases, ComicBase’s standard way of dealing with them is to put the event in the Notes field. To search there, just do a Find > Notes [contains] “Infinite Crisis” and you’ll see all the issues that carry that theme.