Use the Title Report as a Compact Issue Checklist

Probably because of its name, the Title Report doesn’t get nearly the attention from new users that the Price List and Issue Checklist reports get. This is a shame, because if I had one report to use in the entire program, the Title Report would be it.

The Title Report (Reports > Title Report) provides a concise summary of what you’ve got and/or what you’re missing.. When its “Group Issue Numbers”option is checked, it provides the most condensed “Got it/don’t got it” list of any report in the program, typically using only three lines or so per title to show everything (which is also why it’s the best report to export to handhelds, if you’ve got ComicBase Pro or Archive Edition).

When Group Issue Numbers is unchecked, it also makes a very compact issue checklist, letting you tick off each issue as you pick it up at stores or conventions. The Issue Checklist report provides much more detail on each issue, such as pricing and notes, but if all you want is a short list to carry with you, give the Title Report a try.