Picture Icons Explained

Ever wonder what those little icons in the “P” column of your main issue window list mean? For starts, the “P” stands for Picture, and they indicate whether you have a cover image available for the particular issue.

Picture Icons

If you move your mouse over a particular picture icon and pause for a second or so, the picture will appear. Once a picture is showing, you can just move your mouse up and down over the Pictures column of any other issues with pictures to see their respective covers pop into view. This works particularly well with the hundreds of thousands of pictures in the Archive Edition of ComicBase—just by waving the mouse you can see entire runs of comics.

If you look closely at the picture icons, you’ll see that many of them have small green “+” symbols. This indicates that a high-definition (usually actual-size or larger) version of the picture is available. To see that one, just hold your mouse over the icon (or pause briefly if you’d been scrubbing up and down) to see the picture zoom up to full size. Many of the smaller-sized pictures are also capable of zooming slightly larger, but we reserve the “high-definition” designation for pictures that are larger than 400 pixels in width.