Moving ComicBase to a New Computer

To move ComicBase to a new computer, you just need to:
(1) Install the ComicBase Program,
(2) Move your ComicBase Database file (which contains all your collection information), and optionally
(3) Transfer your Pictures and Media files.

Important: These instructions assume that you have access to both the new and the old computer. If your upgrade process will involve you no longer having access to the old computer after upgrading, it's essential to have copied off the files you’ll need from Steps 2 and 3 prior to taking any action which will compromise your ability to reach the old computer.

Step 1: Install the ComicBase Software

Start by installing the ComicBase software itself on the new computer. You can find the installer for any edition of ComicBase you’ve bought under the My Account > Registrations page on Since the program installers located here are always kept up to date, this is usually the easiest way to install the program.

If you’d rather install from disks, just insert the disk and run the Setup program. Afterward, it's a good idea to go to the Support > Updaters section of the web site and check to make sure you have the latest program updates for your version of ComicBase.

Step 2: Transfer your ComicBase Database file

ComicBase keeps all information about your collection in a ComicBase Database (.cbdb) file. The usual place for this information is in [My Documents] \Human Computing\ComicBase Databases, with the name "ComicBase Database.cbdb" ("ComicBase" if you're still using ComicBase 2017 or earlier).

We recommend copying your database by doing the following:

  • Launch ComicBase.
  • Do a quick check to make sure you see your most recently entered data (if not, File > Open whatever database you’ve been entering data into).
  • Then, use the File > Save a Copy command to save your database onto a USB thumb drive so you can transfer it to the new machine. When doing so, name the copy "ComicBase Database.cbdb" (get rid of the "Copy of..." in the suggested name).
  • Go to My Computer, right-click on the thumb drive, and choose "Eject" to safely eject the drive. You can then remove it from the old machine.
  • Insert the thumb drive in the new machine, and copy the ComicBase Database file to your [My Documents] \Human Computing\ComicBase Databases folder, replacing any stock database file with the same name that may exist in that location.

Step 3 (Optional): Install or Transfer your Pictures and Media

ComicBase stores all Pictures, Movies, and Media by default in the [Public Documents] \Human Computing folder (C:\Users\Public\Human Computing on most versions of Windows).

If you’ve installed your own custom pictures (or added Digital Comics and media links), you should copy this folder from your old machine to the same location on the new machine.

(If you haven’t installed your own custom pictures or media, you can also simply skip this step and install the pictures from your ComicBase disks normally from the ComicBase disks using the Install button under ComicBase’s File > Manage Pictures and Movies command).

Due to the size of the folder, a large USB drive or network connection is recommended if transferring Pictures from your old machine. A full Archive Edition install may take in excess of 26 GB.

Note: If you’ve chosen a custom location for your pictures and movies (using ComicBase Pro/Archive Edition’s File > Manage Pictures and Movies command, make sure to copy your pictures from the location shown in the "Location for Pictures and Movies".

If you’re using a non-standard location for Pictures and Movies on the new machine, make sure you use the File > Manage Pictures and Movies command on the new machine to point at the folder which contains your copied Pictures, Movies, and Media folders.