Don’t Use Find to Move Between Titles

Out of fear that these tech tips are getting a bit too geeky, I thought I’d periodically throw in a couple for new ComicBase users (but which can make a huge difference in your use of the program).

Today’s tip is simple: when you want to go to a particular title, it’s usually far faster to use the Titles dialog (the hand choosing cards at the top right of the screen) rather than the Find Comics dialog (the magnifying glass icon):

Go Title

In the Titles dialog, you can quickly browse through all the titles in by typing in the first few letters of a given title’s name until you see the title you want highlighted, then pressing Enter (or clicking the “Go” button).


The Find dialog, on the other hand, searches the database for all sorts of things, and is mostly useful when you’re having difficulty finding a title in the normal manner. (For instance, you could search for Titles <contains> Jughead if you couldn’t remember if the title was called “Jughead”, “Jughead Comics”, or “Archie’s Pal Jughead”. If you have some idea of the proper name, however, the Titles dialog (Ctrl-T as a shortcut) is a much faster way to go to a particular title.