CGC Grades in ComicBase

According to their analysis of every realized auction price for CGC (“slabbed”) books over time, for instance, books with a CGC grade of 9.4 tend to sell for about 4 times the amount that a non-slabbed, NM copy of the same book would sell for. The disparity in values between slabbed and unslabbed books trails off sharply below VF (9.0) grades, but ramps up to an astonishing 28x multiple for the suspiciously elusive 10.0 slabbed copies.

If you have CGCd books of your own, the best way to track them in ComicBase is to assign them a CGC grade in the Conditions field (e.g. CGC 9.4). ComicBase comes built in with these grades, but if you transferred over an older database and don’t see them, go to the Setup > Grading command and click the Reset button:

Reset grading

This will reset all your grades to their standard values, adding in the CGC grades.