Moving Inventory to Another Title

Alright, let’s say that you read yesterday’s tip, reviewed your title lists, and discovered to your chagrin that some of your inventory is listed under the wrong title names. For the sake of argument, let’s say you’d created a title called Captain America (2004) and faithfully entered all manner of issue information there, only to discover that the title is already in known ComicBase as Captain America (4th Series).

You could copy and paste you information, a field at a time, between the two titles (and if you’ve only got an issue or two to worry about, that may actually be the fastest way to deal with the problem). But if you’ve got a whole bunch of information stored under the old title and (and this is important) you’re running ComicBase 10 or later, do this instead:

  1. Press Ctrl-T to pull up the Titles dialog. Find the properly named title: Captain America (4th Series), and click (once) on its name in the title list to make the typing area show the full name:

Title List

  1. Press Ctrl-C (Copy) to copy the correct title name onto your clipboard. You ’ll use this later to make sure you get the name exactly right.
  2. Here’s the scary (and counterintuitive part). Click the Remove button to delete the good title: Captain America (4th Series).
  3. Without closing the Titles dialog, now go to the badly named title: Captain America (2004) and choose Modify.
  4. Highlight the Title Name field and press Ctrl-V (Paste). This will change the badly named title to have the same name as the official title: Captain America (4th Series). Click Save to make the title change official and you’ll be all done. (Don’t be surprised if you suddenly see one or more cover pictures appear for the new title).

    Note: ComicBase will automatically copy over any existing pictures you had under the old title to the new title’s picture folder (although it will complain if there are already matching pictures under the new title).