Checking That Your Titles Are Named Properly

Another great feature of ComicBase is the ability to check your database’s title listings against the Master ComicBase Database.

For reasons which are certainly open to debate, we’ve buried this rather useful feature under the File > File Tools > Rebuild Lists command:

Check Title Names

When you choose this option, ComicBase will access the internet and prepare a report of any titles which you have in your database which aren’t known to the Master ComicBase Database. It’s a good idea to review any names in this report and see if the same titles don’t already exist in ComicBase under a different name (see this tip for more on this issue). If so, you should transfer your inventory to that title (see tomorrow’s tech tip for a quick way to do this). By making sure you’re listing your titles under the same names they’re listed in the Master ComicBase Database, you get full advantage of issue and price updates, as well as proper picture matching. You’ll also need to make sure your comics are properly designated in order to be able to sell them on Atomic Avenue.

If you find you have titles in your database which really don’t exist in the Master Database, you can do both us and your fellow ComicBase users a great service by submitting them to us by highlighting the issues in question and choosing the Internet > Submit New or Corrected Data command. This sends us everything we need to be able to add them to the Master Database and send the data out as an update for everyone in next week’s update.