See All the Comics Published the Month You Were Born

Less of a tech tip than a “Gee, that’s kind of cool!” thing:

Find the earliest comic you remember reading as a kid in ComicBase 11. Click on the issue to highlight it. Now click on the cover date (in blue) at the top of the screen. You’ll see all the comics that were on the stands that month. Prepare to be overwhelmed by a brief fit of nostalgia.

You can also do the same sort of thing by using Find > Cover Date IS [a certain date], but the new hypertext searching in ComicBase 11 lets you do it from whatever comic you happen to be looking at.

Just for fun, try looking up the comics that were on the stands the month you were born…or when your kids were born…or that came out the same time as the first comic you traded to another kid on your block (mine is shown below):

Comics Published in a Given Month