Restoring your database from a backup

If your ComicBase database is damaged, you may need to open a backup file.

By default, your file and your backup are stored in Documents\Human Computing\ComicBase Databases folder. If you do not see it there, go to Setup > Preferences. If you are saving your backups to a different folder, it will be shown in this field.

Right-click the name of your current ComicBase database and select Rename from the menu to rename your database. For instance, if it is called ComicBase, rename it ComicBase

Backup files have parentheses, i.e. ComicBase Database (Backup 2014-4-3). Right-click on the most recent backup and make a copy. Right-click the backup and select Rename to remove the parentheses so the backup has a name like ComicBase

Go to ComicBase.Go to File > Open to open the backup you have just renamed.