Navigating to Titles with Strange Punctuation

The editors of ComicBase can be real sticklers when it comes to punctuation in title names. They curve their quotes (’, ”) instead of using foot and inch marks (', "); use m-hyphens (—) instead of double-dashes (--); and would likely die of embarrassment if someone caught them using three periods (...) instead of a proper ellipsis (…). (OK. the kerning differences between those last one are so subtle that the difference probably won’t even be visible until you print this tip out).

All this makes for very nice typography, but it’d also make for a royal pain in the tucchus if we actually expected you to type those same curved quotes, m-hyphens, umlauts, and other punctilious punctuation when you want to look up a title in ComicBase. The good news is, you don’t have to. The type-selection in the Titles dialog will find your titles no matter how you punctuate them— or even if you don’t include the punctuation at all (even spaces!). It’s also case-insensitive.

So, the next time you want to find Äardwolf, save yourself some grief and just type “aardwolf” (or even “aardw”). If you’re looking for ABC’s for Superheroes, just type “abcs”.