“I Can’t Find This Title”

With over 40,000 titles and 675,000 issues in the database (as of this writing), it’s a pretty good bet that if the comic you’re looking at was written in English, it’s in there somewhere.

So what do you do when you’re not having luck finding a title in the Titles List?

  1. Look it up by its barcode. Use the Jump command (Ctrl-J) and type in any visible ISBN or barcode. In most cases, you’ll be taken straight to the issue in question.
  2. Most trade paperbacks that collect a single series will be listed as a “Bk” (Book) under the series they collect. Scroll down to the bottom of that series’ listing to seem them.
  3. Check the Indicia (the small print usually on the first or last story page showing the copyright and other legal notices). ComicBase usually lists titles by their proper name as shown in the indicia—which is not necessarily what’s on the cover. For instance the proper name of the comic whose cover bears the name, “Daredevil and the Punisher” is actually Daredevil/Punisher: Child’s Play. Go figure.
  4. In the Titles window, make sure that you’re looking at “All Titles”, not just “Titles in Stock”

  5. Click the “…” icon in the Titles list to quickly find it by a key word or words contained in the title. For instance, if you’re not sure if it’s “Next Men (John Byrne’s…)” or “John Byrne’s Next Men”, just look for “Next Men” and you’ll see it in the list of results.
  6. Beware of Four Color Comics. Four Color Comics (2nd Series) was a series from Dell/Gold Key which ran over 1400 issues between 1942 and 1962. During its run, it featured hundreds of Disney, TV, Movie, and comic characters, sometimes listing the issue in the indicia as Four Color Comics, sometimes listing it under the featured character’s name, and sometimes listing nothing at all. If you’re looking for a Dell or Gold Key book with a suspiciously high issue number (e.g. Wyatt Earp #890), there’s a good chance that it’s really an issue of Four Color Comics (2nd Series).

    March of Comics (Boys’ and Girls’…) is another one to watch out for in the same regard.
  7. If all else fails, it may really be a title or issue we’ve somehow overlooked. Go ahead and add the title yourself using the Comics > New Title command, and the issue with the Comics > New Issue command. Afterward, if you’ll highlight the issues in question, right-click on them, and use the “Submit New or Corrected Data” command, it’ll send that data to us so we can add it for everyone in the next update.