Adding Pictures by Dragging and Dropping

Want to add your own picture for a given issue? Just make sure it’s in JPEG (.jpg) format, and named the same as an issue in the title you’re looking at. (For instance, “437.jpg” for issue #437*), then drag and drop the picture onto the issue grid. It’ll automatically be copied into the correct subfolder in your preferred Pictures folder, and will appear in ComicBase.

If you hold down the right mouse button while dragging, you’ll get the option to move the item instead of copying it.

Got a ton of pictures you want to drop in at once? In ComicBase 11, you can even drag in several folders full pictures, and ComicBase will file them under the proper titles, so long as the folder names match a title name in ComicBase.

*One fine point on issue naming: Windows doesn’t allow a “/” to be used in a file’s name, so substitute “-” if your issue number contains a “/” (e.g. issue #1/A’s picture needs to be called “1-A.jpg”)