Insurance Reports for Your Collection

One of the most important uses for ComicBase is to provide your insurance agent with the valuation of your collection, in order to provide a basis for your coverage.

In most cases, insurance folks are more than happy to accept the report produced by printing out your ComicBase Statistics (File > ComicBase Statistics). This gives you a concise listing of what your collection’s book value is, its projected sale price, and how much you paid for it, broken down by publisher.

Some companies insists on book-by-book detail, which you can easily provide by printing a price list showing your issues in stock. Unfortunately, a detailed listing of a large collection can easily run to hundreds or thousands of pages.

If you don’t want to kill a forest in order to placate a zealous insurance agent, try exporting the required data and handing it to your agent on disk. You can export any report by clicking the Preview button on the report’s Print dialog, then clicking the envelope-shaped icon to export the report in a variety of formats.

ComicBase Pro and Archive users can also use my favorite: the File > Export command. This gives you full control over which fields you want to share with your agent, and saves it to an ultra-compact text file (which can be printed as is, viewed in almost any program, or loaded into a program like Excel for further analysis or annotation). Stick this on a CD, print out your ComicBase Statistics report to use as a summary, and you should have enough proof of valuation to placate even the most insistant insurance agent.