Noting the Location of your Batch-Entered Comics

The Batch commands in ComicBase Pro and Archive Edition are huge time-savers, letting you quickly enter in a whole stack of unrelated comics just by scanning their barcodes:

Batch Adding Comics to Inventory

One feature of the batch command is the “Display Issues after Saving” box at the bottom right. If this is checked, ComicBase will automatically pull up the issues you’ve just added to your inventory in a conventional Find window after saving.

From there, you can continue to work with the books you’ve just added, including printing out the lists, or using the Quick Change command to enter other attributes for the comics you’ve just added. If you’ve previously set up one of your custom fields to be “Location”, for example, you could simply highlight one or more of the books you’ve just added, choose Edit > Quick Change, and set Location to be, say, “Box 23”. You can also note such things as the date you bought the comics, where you got them, or whatever else is of interest to you.