Troubleshooting Guide:
What to do if sold items are not being deducted properly from your ComicBase inventory

Here's what to check for if it looks like items you've sold on Atomic Avenue have not been deducted from your inventory in ComicBase:

Possible Cause #1: Posting Items and Checking Sales from Different Databases

Make sure you're checking for sales from the same database you've posted the items from in the first place. ComicBase will only detect sales if you're checking from a database with the same database ID number (seen in ComicBase under at the bottom of the ComicBase Statistics window: (File > ComicBase Statistics)) as the one you used when posting the items. To verify this, check the database ID number at the bottom of your ComicBase's File > ComicBase Statistics against the one shown in your Atomic Avenue store Setup ( then click the Store Setup button at the upper left).

If the database IDs don't match, or you have multiple database IDs listed in your Atomic Avenue's Store Setup, use the Remove button on Atomic Avenue's Store Setup to remove your online inventory, then repost from the proper database.


Possible Cause #2: Wrong User ID in your ComicBase's Login Information

Check ComicBase's Internet > Login Information and make sure that it shows your correct ComicBase User ID (not your email, unless you used that as your ComicBase User ID). You can find your user ID at the top of the page at


Possible Cause #3: Posting from a Backup or Copy of your Database

ComicBase will only deduct a sold comic once; if you made a copy of the database and post from that, it'll have the same Database ID, but will not have had the sold items deducted. Avoid doing this, and check ComicBase Sidekick's list of databases (right-click on the Sidekick icon at the bottom-right of your computer's notification area, then choose Settings) to make sure that it's only pointing at a single database, and that this is the same copy you're posting from.

Possible Cause #4: Not Checking for Sales/Deducting Sold Items before Posting Again

ComicBase will automatically check for new sales before posting and offer to let you deduct sold items. Always click "Yes" when asked to deduct sold items before reposting comics. When using ComicBase Sidekick to check for sales or post items, be sure that it's set (in ComicBase Sidekick's Settings) to automatically deduct sold items before an automatic posting occurs, or it's possible you'll repost items you've already sold.