Troubleshooting Guide:
What to do if items you want to sell are not appearing on Atomic Avenue

Things to check:

1. Are the items listed under their official ComicBase designation and grades?

Atomic Avenue can only sell items listed under their official names and issue numbers (and with the official gradings known to Atomic Avenue). You can verify that your items are listed properly using ComicBase's File > File Tools > Rebuild Lists, and choosing to Check Title Names Against Master Database. You'll also get sent a list of unknown items as part of the email confirming your item listings when you post. Make sure you check this carefully, and that you've whitelisted correspondence from and to be sure you receive these messages.

2. Are the items listed as For Sale in ComicBase?

Be sure to mark the "For Sale" checkbox on any items in ComicBase you want to sell. Hint: If you mean to sell everything you have listed in your copy of ComicBase, you can save a huge amount of time by using ComicBase's Comics > Mass Change command to set For Sale to be Checked across the entire database.

3. Are the item quantities set correctly?

Make sure the quantity on any items you are selling is set to both be greater than zero, and that they're greater than the number shown in the minimum quantity field (the minimum quantity is the number you're witholding from sale on Atomic Avenue). For instance, if the minimum quantity is set to 1, it'll only sell items you have two or more copies of.

4. When you use ComicBase's Internet > Sell Command, does it show the right number of items to be posted?

Check the bottom of the Sell dialog for details on how many items it'll attempt to post for sale. If this number doesn't look right to you, check items #2-3 above before posting.

5. Did you get a confirmation email?

You'll automatically be sent a confirmation email whenever you post items for sale. Check the entire email carefully, and troubleshoot any listing problems shown at the bottom of this email. If you post and don't receive an email within 30 minutes (and your inventory has changed--the email is only generated if your inventory is different than the last posting), please contact technical support at to see if there's a server maintanence period underway.

6. Are you checking the right database/storefront?

If you manage more than one database or Atomic Avenue store, make sure you're posting under the proper credentials with both Atomic Avenue and ComicBase Sidekick. Since Sidekick will automatically post under the most recently used store login credentials, we advise anyone who manages multiple storefronts on Atomic Avenue to avoid using Sidekick to post or check their store inventory, and to be diligent about making sure ComicBase's Login information always reflects the proper credentials you wish to post with.