ComicBase 2020 Blu-ray Archive Edition

ComicBase Blu-ray Archive Edition

The Ultimate Comic Collection Software, with over 650,000 dazzling cover images on 50GB Blu-ray Disc

  • Includes all ComicBase Archive Edition features, PLUS...
  • With over 650,000 cover images, at the highest possible quality, on 50 GB Blu-ray Disc
  • Includes tens of thousands of covers in 4K Ultra high-definition format
  • Includes quarterly updates to the entire art library, delivered on Blu-ray Dsc*
“By far the best, most reliable, and easiest-to-use
comic database I’ve ever found”
— Mark Waid
from $19995
4.5 Stars! -PC Magazine
“The best comic-collecting software”
— PC Magazine

ComicBase Blu-ray Archive Edition is the most powerful software available for managing comic collections. It also has the distinction of being the very first PC software to harness the enormous capacity of Blu-ray Disc technology (and later, 50 GB dual-layer Blu-ray Disc).

The Blu-ray Archive Edition combines the world’s largest database of comic books with our entire library of over 650,000 full-color cover images—most actual-size (or larger)—presented in the highest possible quality thanks to Blu-ray’s.

In addition to all the other powerful collection-management features found in ComicBase Archive Edition, the Blu-ray Archive Edition exclusively also features four quarterly updates to the entire art library, delivered on Blu-ray Disc, in addition to the Archive Edition’s ability to download new covers on demand, or as part of the weekly content update

  • Easy Interface

    ComicBase’s easy-to-navigate interface handles any size collection, as well as special comic types, variants, multiple printings, and more! New dedicated fields track character appearances, cover artists, inkers, letterers, cover inkers, editors, and colorists in addition to the basic writer and artist information. Extra features include grading notes, customizable fields, advanced import and export tools, and so much more.

  • My Comics mobile reporting

    The new ComicBase Mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to view your collection in real-time on any mobile device. With our new Live Reports, devices from tablets to smart phones can comfortably view collections of tens or even hundreds of thousands of comics. You can also add new purchases by simply clicking on the pictures of the comics in mobile checklists.

  • Add comics from your phone

    Add comics on-the-go with your mobile phone by browsing its title, or just scanning its barcode with your phone's camera, Your new additions will automatically be added to your collection when you launch ComicBase on your main computer.