"I can't recommend it enough."

ComicBase on the Radio

Web reviewer Garon Cockrell gives ComicBase high marks for comprehensiveness and ease of use. Adding that, “In all honesty, getting this program is a no brainer. It is a must own for any one who collects comics. ”

Check out his full review on Pop Culture Beast.

"A great collection management solution"

Guest reviewer Ben Sweetser says, "Excellent database and data quality, very easy to input comics, including updated value information, easily add missing comics to a wishlist, built-in buying and selling capabilities?”

What else does ComicBase 11 have in store for you? Check out the full review on!

“The best comic-collecting software”
ComicBase on the Radio

PC Magazine recently gave ComicBase 10 a 4.5 out of 5, calling it " a must-have upgrade" for comic collectors.

Why is PC magazine raving about the “ease of use, comprehensiveness, functionality, and timeliness" of ComicBase 10?

Check out the full review on the PC Magazine site to find out!

“Really a Great Program”
ComicBase on the Radio

In his latest Golden Age of Comics podcast, Bill Jourdain reviews (and highly recommends) the new ComicBase 10, particularly praising the huge store of comic covers, weekly updates, PDA features, and barcode support. The review is right at the top of his show, which is also features a retrospective of Golden Age legend Will Eisner, and DC’s Special Edition Comics from 1944–1945.

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“A Must Have Program”

Columnist Stephen Schleicher has been working with the new ComicBase 10 since he picked up a copy at the San Diego Comic-Con. Writing in his review for, he concludes:

“If you are a serious collector, need to manage the boxes of comics you’ve read over the years, or just want a cataloguing system to see what your collection is worth, then ComicBase 10 is a must have program.”

Thanks, Steve! Read the whole review here.

More Radio Reviews
ComicBase on the Radio

ComicBase creator Pete Bickford appeared as a guest Tuesday on World Talk Radio's Comic Zone show, talking about ComicBase 10 and the upcoming Atomic Avenue online system. Thanks to the miracle of instant internet archiving, you can hear the whole interview here.

PC magazine Praises
ComicBase 9 Archive Edition

PC Magazine, gave ComicBase 9 Archive Edition a four-star review in the “After Hours” section of this month’s issue.

PC Magazine gave raves to ComicBase 9 Archive Edition's new Grading Wizard, enormous database, and vast collection of cover art and video content (over 8 GB) on two DVD-ROMs.

Check out the September issue of PC Magazine for the complete review.