Years in the making, ComicBase 2020 was rewritten from the ground up to completely revolutionize the world’s #1 program for managing comic collections!

ComicBase 2020 uses a blazingly fast new database engine with no size limits (and no more need to compact!). This new edition flies through tasks in a fraction of the time of its predecessors, and its modernized architecture lets it perform fluidly through even the most demanding jobs.

This new version also sports a gorgeous new interface which lets you view your collection the way you want, and introduces a striking new album view. It also works with the free new ComicBase Mobile app for iOS and Android to let you easily view and add to your collection on your mobile device (Archive and Pro editions).

ComicBase features current market pricing and detailed information on over 875,000 comics, along with weekly price and title updates for a year to keep your collection up to date. The amazing Archive Edition now includes over 630,000 full-color cover images, with the ability to automatically download new ones each week as comics are released.

And top cap it all off, ComicBase now goes beyond comics, letting you also track your books and magazines too!


  • ComicBase 2020 uses a new database engine (SQLite) which is not only far faster than the one used in previous editions of ComicBase, but it gets rid of the file size limits of the older engine that made it necessary to compact the database frequently in order to handle the huge amount of information in ComicBase.
  • Most database tasks are a minimum of twice as fast as before (some are literally hundreds of times faster!)
  • Radically improved search performance removes the need for bulky and time-consuming special indexes, shrinking database file size dramatically
  • Database tasks are now almost entirely asynchronous, allowing the program to stay responsive even while performing demanding data-crunching jobs
  • ComicBase 2020 automatically locates your existing database, and transfers your data over to the new database format. The process takes just a couple of minutes, and automatically resolves issues that might have caused older versions to have trouble compacting.


  • View your collection using the traditional Grid view--or check out the beautiful new Album View to get a cover-based overview of your collection.
  • New options to let you choose which comics you want to see when browsing titles. Choose all comics, just the ones you own, or even a special view which trims down excessive variants and lets you concentrate on primary issues)
  • Easily customize your display to show the data that’s most important to you


  • Built-in information and current market pricing for over 875,000 comics ranging from the late 1800s to today
  • Archive Edition includes over 630,000 full-color cover images, with new covers available for download each week
  • Includes a year of free weekly price and content updates to keep your collection current.
  • Easy support for digital comics and other digital assets. Just drag them onto their titles to read them by clicking in the program. You can also attach movie trailers, web links, and more.
  • ComicBase now tracks not just comics, but books and magazines too!


  • Shop online for comics, or sell your own (with no store or listing fees) on Atomic Avenue
  • Includes ComicBase Sidekick assistant program to automatically keep your database updated with the latest content, back up your data to the cloud, generate web reports, and update your listings on
  • NEW! ComicBase Mobile app for iOS and Android (Professional and Archive Editions) lets you view and add to your collection from almost any mobile device, including iPhones, iPads, and Android and Windows phones and tablets
  • Breakdown and graph your collection’s value by genre, publisher, era, and more
  • Professional Collection Evaluations from Heritage Auction Galleries
  • All versions include a FREE year of downloadable price, issue updates, and program updates
  • Includes 2 GB of free cloud-based backup space for the same time period, helping you keep your collection safe


If you’re a current customer with an active update subscription, we’ve already issued you your ComicBase 2020 serial number and download links. Just check your Registrations to get these.

To get ComicBase 2020 on disk, just renew your ComicBase subscription and choose physical delivery at checkout. You can also take advantage of upgrade pricing for ComicBase Archive Edition if you’re currently using ComicBase Express or Professional.

When you do this, you’ll get ComicBase 2020 at the special discounted upgrade price, as well as a full year of content, title, and program updates.

New to ComicBase? Check out our Product Information section to find which edition of ComicBase is right for you and learn more about everything ComicBase does.

Questions? Give us a call (408) 266-6883 and we’ll be glad to help.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit editions supported)
  • 1024x768 or larger color monitor (1200x1024 or larger preferred)
  • 2 GHz or faster Pentium/equivalent
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more preferred)