Introducing the most comprehensive, powerful, and easiest-to-use ComicBase ever!

ComicBase 2022 adds an unprecedented number of new listings to its already-massive database—along with fully updated pricing based on verified market data. It also brings powerful new features, as well as innovations to help you get going faster so you can get more done with less work.

Building on its industry-leading database of comics, the new 2022 edition adds over 130,000 new listings, along with fully updated pricing based on real market transactions. Not only does this include massive numbers of new comics, but it also adds in pricing and information on tens of thousands of new magazines and books as well.

With the new edition, ComicBase adds new capabilities for handling variant items, a powerful new Find and Replace function, and adds in cool new features like Dark Themes and the ability to let you customize how ComicBase shows market data to make the displays more informative."

At the same time, ComicBase 2022 introduces several new innovations to make this the easiest-to-use ComicBase ever. A new "Getting Started" wizard lets you set up the most important functions with just a couple of clicks, and useful tips appear as you use the program to show you what's new, get new users started off right, and help even experienced users learn new ways to do things more efficiently.

For Archive Edition users, a new Quick Start option let you use ComicBase's complete picture library of almost 950,000 cover images by installing a single 8 GB file. Then, as you use the program, full-resolution images are instantly loaded as needed, letting you take full advantage of the vast ComicBase cover image library while requiring only a tiny fraction of the download time and disk space of a traditional full install.


  • Breathtaking Amounts of New Content

    ComicBase 2022 added an astonishing 130,000+ listings to its already-massive database, including tens of thousands of new comics, variants, books, and magazines. The Archive Edition saw the addition of over 100,000 new cover images, giving you an amazing visual reference to the world of comics, including the countless variant and special editions on the market today.

  • Improved Variant Handling

    To deal with the 80% of new comics which are variants of one sort or another, ComicBase 2022 introduced a new dedicated Item Description field to define the features of each variant, and extended its variant naming scheme to be able to accommodate items with dozens—if not hundreds—of variants.

  • Dark Themes and Customizable Value Change Display

    New Dark themes give your eyes a rest—and give your collection a bold, modern look. This can be combined with new options to control how value changes are shown to make it easier than ever to figure out where the action is.

  • Supports Windows 11

    ComicBase 2022 is fully compatible with all currently supported versions of Windows, including Windows 8, Windows 10, and the new Windows 11.

  • Quick Start for Archive Edition

    Exclusively for Archive Edition users: you now have a new way to get all the advantages of our vast cover library without all the hassle of downloading and installing all those disks. Just download a single Quick Start pictures archive, and you can instantly see all 925,000 cover images, with high-resolution versions loaded automatically as you use them, saving you hours of download time and gigabytes of disk space that a full install would require.

  • ComicBase 4K Archive Edition

    And for those who want the very best, ComicBase 4K Archive Edition now offers even better image quality, as well as cover downloading at up to full 4K UHD resolution. Perfect for use with the included ComicBase Cover Gallery screen saver. Now on 2 Blu-ray Discs, or digital download (and Quick Start compatible!)


  • Getting Started wizard guides you to set the most important program features with just a few clicks.
  • New Progress Tips give you hints to help you use the program more effectively, teaching you new features, as well as tricks to help you use ComicBase more effectively
  • Simplified picture installation lets you install all your downloaded archive picture disks at once (or bypass it entirely and use the new Quick Start pictures instead!)


  • Archive Editions now include almost 950,000 full-color cover images, giving you an unparalleled resource for identifying variants, as well as reporting and labelling.
  • Download pristine cover images each week to keep you current with new releases, as well as upgraded cover images of existing items.
  • New 4K Archive Edition includes tens of thousands of dazzling images at 4K Ultra High-Definition resolution, as well the ability to download new images at up to 4K resolution
  • New ComicBase Cover Gallery screen saver gives Archive Edition users a fascinating way to view the vast world of comics, with an ever-changing display of over 100 years of comic history.
  • Both versions now available either in both physical format (4 DVDs for the Archive Edition, 2 Blu-ray Discs for the 4K Archive Edition) or digital download.


  • Built-in information and current market pricing for over one million comics ranging from the late 1800s to today
  • Includes a year of free weekly price and content updates to keep your collection current.
  • Easy support for digital comics and other digital assets. Just drag them onto their titles, then you can read them by clicking on their entries in the database! You can also attach movie trailers, web links, and more.
  • ComicBase now tracks not just comics, but books and magazines too!


  • Shop online for comics, or sell your own (with no store or listing fees) on Atomic Avenue
  • Includes ComicBase Sidekick assistant program to automatically keep your database updated with the latest content, back up your data to the cloud, generate web reports, and update your listings on
  • NEW! ComicBase Mobile app for iOS and Android (Professional and Archive Editions) lets you view and add to your collection from almost any mobile device, including iPhones, iPads, and Android and Windows phones and tablets
  • Breakdown and graph your collection’s value by genre, publisher, era, and more
  • Request professional collection evaluations from Heritage Auction Galleries
  • All versions include a FREE year of downloadable price, issue updates, and program updates
  • Includes 2 GB of free cloud-based backup space for the same time period, helping you keep your collection safe


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To get ComicBase 2022 on disk, just renew your ComicBase subscription and choose physical delivery at checkout. You can also take advantage of upgrade pricing for ComicBase Archive Edition if you’re currently using ComicBase Express or Professional.

When you do this, you’ll get ComicBase 2022 at the special discounted upgrade price, as well as a full year of content, title, and program updates.

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System Requirements

  • Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 11
  • 1024x768 or larger color monitor (1200x1024 or larger preferred)
  • 2 GHz or faster processor
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more preferred)
  • Internet connection needed for installation and some program features