• For best results, temporarily turn off any security or anti-virus software you may be running (otherwise, it may take a very long time for your program to scan the very large installer file, plus the thousands of included picture files)
  • Install the software by inserting the ComicBase Disk and double-clicking the Setup file–or by launching the installer file if you’ve downloaded the software from the web site.

Both ComicBase FREE and ComicBase Express include several thousand cover images (typically the #1 images of a series) to help you identify titles. These are installed automatically as part of the program install. You are also able to add your own cover images to the program by dragging your own scans and images onto the titles you’re looking at.

Other editions of ComicBase include many more features and cover images–up to the Archive Edition, which includes photo reference on over 640,000 individual items [as well as the ability to download new covers as they’re released]. ComicBase Express users wishing to upgrade to one of these editions may do so from the Registrations page).

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