• For best results, temporarily turn off any security or anti-virus software you may be running (otherwise, it may take a very long time for your program to scan the very large installer file)
  • Install the software by inserting the ComicBase Disk and double-clicking the Setup file–or by launching the installer file if you’ve downloaded the software from the web site.

Installing Cover Images

ComicBase Professional includes over 40,000 cover images: typically the #1 issues–to help you identify titles. To install these, you’ll need your ComicBase Professional disk, or the Pictures.zip file downloaded from your Registrations page if you ordered a downloadable copy of the software.

  1. Launch ComicBase, then install use the File > Install Pictures and Movies command to install these pictures.
  2. When prompted, select the Pictures.zip file–either from your ComicBase Disk (located in the ComicBase Data > Pictures folder)–or from the location on your disk you downloaded the file to ([)typically your Downloads folder), if you downloaded the Pictures.zip file from the ComicBase web site. It will typically take several minutes to decompress and install the pictures files, after which, they will appear in ComicBase when you browse titles.
If you’re looking for more cover images (particularly helpful for variant identification), you may want to consider ComicBase Archive Edition, which includes photo reference on over 640,000 individual items [as well as the ability to download new covers as they’re released]. ComicBase Professional users can upgrade to this edition at a discounted rate from the Registrations page).